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— by Doodles Doodles
sjmst wrote
rbrf2 wrote
I just got back from the dealership.  The doc fees are some kind of warranty for the tires/rims, insurance coverage in case the car is stolen, they will give me $4000 on top of the insurance company.  They tried to explain it, but said they will give me a printed document what the documentation covers.  I think it's just called incorrectly on the invoice.  I'm still trying for them to remove it.  

So my car arrived today at the dealership and will be picking it up tomorrow.  I went in to see it.  The liquid graphite dash is a grayish colour, it's not matched to the colour of the vehicle which in my case is white.  

I will take photos tomorrow morning and post them here for everyone to see.
WHAT? The dash is Gray? WTF. Anxiously await pics...oh, and of course congratulations!
doodles :  I said the dash would be gray/graphite.
the P E's are special models.