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by sjmst
Just curious as it's only a couple of months away how many, if any, are going to the FFO in July in Nashville Tenn.? If you're going are you staying for the entire 4-5 days or just a couple at the beginning, middle or end? Also are you staying at the main hotel or, shall we say, some place a l... 5 13
by Fiat500USA
Laura Soave interview on Detroit Free Press 2 5
by mohsinj677 4 30
by maryyou
Discovered on the Fiat USA Facebook page, but the YouTube link is here . 1 2
by livcyxing
I've heard the the Mito might be the next Euro car brought over by Chrysler/Fiat. Adorable little car...reminds me of the Volvo C30 (one of my favorite small cars) with a more attractive front end. I would make one suggestion to Fiat/Alfa/Chrysl... 5 13
by MoneyMan
Anyone see the Motorweek show with the road test on the Fiat 500? It was pretty good, except for the "Hey Tony, Fiat is back" cartoon. That was ridiculous. What did you think? Here is a link to their website where you can search for the archives: Motorweek Currently, the vide... 3 24
by jeanne65
Fiat 500 General Discussion Topics Posts Last Post
Post specific questions on the 500 here. Now I can't guarantee we'll get all the answers, but having a centralized location will help and I'll do my best to get or direct you to where you can go for answers.

Please keep this constructive and on topic (and have patience;).
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by ssusanapaulaa
Its with a heavy heart that I regret to inform everyone that due to both financial and personal turmoil currently taking place that I must make an official cancellation of the cruise from Harrisburg to Nashville. The signs have been pointing the possibility of such a cancellation for several wee... 3 13
by Fiat500USA
I have alluded to this in other threads, but I want to post it here, so folks that are waiting and wondering what's going on will know the latest: For the Prima owners that are still waiting, the main hold up is that some dealers are waiting for their state licenses. Now, many of these should... 8 82
by kvnjames
Please post what kind of mileage you're getting (along with any relevant details) here. I'll get the ball rolling. My first fill-up was 30.6 mpg, combined city and highway. On the second tank I'm averaging 33.2, driving in town only. 15 98
by Fiat500USA
Post here if you are waiting for your Prima. Include your dealer and your car's number. For the record, my dealer is Larchmont and I'm car # 29. 8 19
by Fiat500USA
How was your service experience? Let us know! 4 37
by kvnjames
I am compiling a list of all US FIAT 500 Prima Edizione cars. Please consider helping to fill in any missing information. 52 131
by dprb
Hi All, I've been mentioning the new forum that I am switching over to for a while now. Well it's getting closer. I have a programmer that is writing a script to transfer all these posts to the new site. As they say... any day now;) While we are waiting, can you all go to the new Fiat 500 ... 6 16
by kvnjames
I'm switching over to vBulletin Tuesday May 31 at noon. What I'm doing is importing all the posts from The Nabble forum to VBulletin so that might take a few hours. This is unusual because Nabble doesn't have a ready made migrate program, so I had someone write a custom script To accompli... 2 2
by curtjohnson456
- deleted - 2 3
by emiliadavid
I have Fiat-500 2015 model in red color, just i want little suggestion, where i can buy music player for my car in reasonable rate, i already saw many sites, like Amazon, ebay, Reecoupons, because of season sale there are running Christmas shopping deals also, but i didn't buy online before, ha... 2 5
by smithalbert639
The Blue & Me voice recognition software that FIAT includes with the new Fiat 500 is quite good for a Microsoft product. In Europe the symbol on the steering wheel is the Windows logo but with the shoddy reputation that some feel Microsoft deserves and the popularity of Apple phones/media p... 4 6
by alfredalfred
OK I'm ready to dub the Sport Button the Placebo Button. I've tried over and over and can tell no difference. Before I get assassinated here I am no stranger to hi performance cars and exotic cars of all types tho mainly Porsche cars. I also drive a race car. When I turn the button on and of... 6 39
by Fiat500USA
Pioneer notamment le sac comme si vous prévoyez de la zone de toilette à l'intérieur, il suffit de passer par des recommandations liées à la façon dont vous pouvez placer un haut Lancel solde de qualité. Presque tous utilisé solde Lancel sont généralement commercialisées dans les magasins de voi... 0 0
by soldesLancel
Hi, I have a 2015 Fiat 500 Turbo, the car is awesome. I love the high performance and driving response this vehicle offers. My question is, does anyone know of a way to adjust the On/Off cycle limits on the heated seats? Or set the control to NOT cycle on/off once the heat option is engaged?... 1 1
by Fiat500USA
Today I talked to the general manager of my local Fiat dealer and asked her if she had any news about the U.S. Abarth version? She said there is a completed drivable Abarth that several dealers got to see and drive. I don't know where this took place but my guess would be at the Chrysler proving... 4 102
by mahisehar
Chris, I know the new 6spd automatic is an exclusive unit for the US market and I know it's now sourced by Aisin but there was word of Fiat working with Borg Warner on a new DDC 6 or 7spd automatic with sport shift. Now that we have this new Aisin unit (I think the TF-60SN model) I've bee... 2 6
by vonda007
Got some stripes on my car last week. I originally saw some pics of one like this on a European forum last year, and figured when I got mine I'd do it up the same way. 2 9
by csluyuan
Okay, I was a bit hesitant to post this for several reasons. First, it's essentially a side-note on a January 26 article that I ran into by accident. Second, I didn't want to get people too excited over what could be nothing. However, it's Thursday night and there's a certain something... 3 25
by csluyuan
Hi folks, Some internal error caused by the embedding process caused me to have to delete the Golling Fiat Post. My apologies for that. I'm looking into how to fix that. In the meantime, here is the video that sjmst graciously posted for us. Golling Fiat gets its first 500 4 24
by csluyuan
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Fuel Economy Topics Posts Last Post
I've created a new category where we can talk about fuel economy related topics such as eco:Drive (the Fiat App that helps you analyze the way you drive to maximize your fuel economy). Have at it! 0 0
by Fiat500USA
So I've been reading up on the 28 city/37 highway MPG figures for the American Fiat 500. Looking at other cars in its class (like Mini's 29/37) and early speculation of 40+ MPG with Multi-Air technology, I wanted to start a discussion on these figures. What does everyone think? 6 65
by konglong
The EPA automatic transmission mileage is 3 to 4 mpg less than the manual transmission version even though the manual is 5 speed and the automatic is 6 speed. I reviewed the EPA stats for other cars and the latest technology automatics are within 1 mpg of the manual trans version and some are 1 ... 1 8
by ciddyguy
Site and Forum News Topics Posts Last Post
In this category will be news about the site and the forum. Feel free to post if you have a question or issue with this site. 3 6
by kvnjames
Believe it or not, you can post pictures here on this forum. Use the resize feature and select small (250x250) for best fit. Update November 8: Now you can upload larger size images. For best fit use the resize feature and select medium. For quicker loads select small. Give it a try and expe... 1 3
by Fiat500USA
I've started this mini forum on the site to better communicate with my valued readers. I get so many comments now, it is difficult to keep track and reply to all of them. This forum will centralize and make it easier to keep track and answer the questions I receive. I look forward to t... 2 6
by Fiat500USA
You can access this forum directly here at the following address: Fiat500USAForum 0 0
by Fiat500USA
I'm thankful that Chris has worked so hard to bring us all together as a diverse but focused community voice. And I'm thankful to add my voice to a group of enthusiasts that have every reason to be proud, happy and optimistic. Lucky US! Our little group has always been, and always will... 0 0
by JustWilliam
Is is just me, or is there a reason why I can only view this forum using Google Chrome or my iPhone. For some weird reason, I can't view it in Firefox or Safari... 1 4
by Fiat500USA
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